Even in the birthplace of Bob Marley, the 'demon weed' can not grow free. But maybe things are getting a little better. The Jamaica Observer reports: GANJA smokers seem set to score a minor victory, after a Joint Select Committee of Parliament, which studied the recommendation of the National Commission on Ganja to decriminalise the drug, settled for making it a minor offence for smoking in private. However, parents of minors caught smoking the weed and owners of public premises on which it is smoked could feel the full brunt of the law, based on the recommendations of the committee. The committee, chaired by Dr Morais Guy (PNP, Central St Mary), approved a report to Parliament Wednesday which recommended that "The Dangerous Drugs Act be amended so that the possession and use of small quantities of marijuana in private be made minor offences to be tried in the petty session of the Resident Magistrate's Court". The recommendation is but a minor improvement on the current Drug Court Act provisions, passed in 1999, which offers drug offenders minor punishment for small minor amounts, as well as treatment and rehabilitation.