Anyone who suffers from springtime allergies knows the misery of battling it out with pollen, grasses and ragweed, but there is one other culprit the sneezing and wheezing stoners of the world may have failed to consider: marijuana.

Now, while we believe having an allergic reaction to weed is nothing less than a cruel joke played by the master of the universe, the reality is more people suffer from cannabis allergies today than ever before. In fact, marijuana allergies have become so prevalent that scientists intend to address the issue next week in Paris during the 2014 Congress of French Speaking Allergists convention.

During the event, the group plans to discuss a recent study written by a team allergy researchers at the University of Antwerp in Belgium entitled “Emerging Allergens: Cannabis.” This particular analysis finds that Cannabis sativa has the ability to trigger allergic rhinitis (hay fever), conjunctivitis (pink eye), as well as skin irritation and asthmatic symptoms when it is smoked or ingested.

However, researchers say marijuana allergies can be just as severe for those simply exposed to the plant’s pollen. Luckily, allergies to pot pollen is not a huge issue because most marijuana is grown indoors.

Researchers also state that consuming marijuana can leave some people more susceptible to food allergies -- it called the “cannabis-fruits/vegetables” syndrome.

Those interested in determining whether they have a marijuana allergy can do so by submitting to a skin allergy test.

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