These past two days have been the most revealing yet. I’ve left the relative glamour of coffeeshop life behind and descended into the shady underbelly of the business -- the secret life of the runner.

Runners are like delivery services for coffeeshops. They are responsible for supplying the shops with all of the weed they sell and must be on call at all times during shop hours to replenish whatever stock is running low. They operate out of hidden little rooms called “runhouses” or “drophouses” where they store, sort, weigh, bag, seal, label and deliver all of the shop’s inventory of strains. To experience what their job is like, I rented a bike and followed one of these runners on his rounds, helping him package and deliver a few runs. Then today, I met with the head runner, who brought me to the main inventory storehouse. I gotta tell ya, working at HIGH TIMES I’ve seen some pretty big piles of weed before, but this place was the motherload. Kilos and kilos of weed and hash from all over the world, all packed and stacked and oh so stinky and yummy. I'm starting to see the allure of this job.



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