If you haven't seen Outside Providence stop reading right here and go watch it. If you have seen it, then you will surely remember the infamously hilarious letter received from a one Drugs Delaney. Read the text and watch the clip below for the hilarious and classic stoner moment:


Greetings Dunph,

What's happening? I got your letter today. "Cornhole Academy" sounds like it really sucks the big one. I can't believe they make everyone work a lot and not smoke. You should tell that piece of shit Funderturd to shove it. You didn't want to go there in the first place. Eat shit, man. Today you should've seen me and Mousy today at school today. We got cocked on a pint of blackberry brandy and ate some THC on the bus. We were fucked. This teacher Mr. Avera goes "What is wrong with you, Delaney?" I go "I'm totally FUUUUCKED, MAAAN" Everybody laughed like a bastard. Oh man, you should see this song I'm listenin' to man. It's called "Don't bogart that joint, my friend". I think it's by a group called...

* couple hours later *

Must have nodded out, man. I gotta go 'cause I'll probably definitely gon' nod out again. You want me to send you some squeef or you got enough? Good luck in not getting caught.

- Cocked in Rhode Island

P.S. Mousy says he stinkfingered Bunny Cody.