We're live from Denver and as 40,000+ people descend on our biggest Cannabis Cup yet, we'll be bringing you the best of the best, the green of the crop, and everything you missed if you aren't with us!

This morning we caught up with Bob Eschino from Incredibles High-Quality Handcrafted Infused Edibles who is presenting his medicated chocolate and strawberry fountains. "It's got a little bit of THC activated in it...enough to get people going," Eschino explains. Right now it's a great easy start to the haze that is to come. Better yet, it's delicious as hell!


It's a secret! We've been in business for four years. We're the number one chocolate company here in Colorado. We sell about 40,000 bars a month right now. We're based in Colorado right now, but we're looking at relationships in Las Vegas, California, New Mexico, and Boston, so look out for us there.

The Denver Environment:

Incredible is the word that comes to mind. It's an interesting shift even from medical. It's becoming more accepted. The opposition are starting to pop up their heads up a little too. The first for months of this year have been amazing -- record month after record month. 

If you had a dream product you could make, what would it be?

I'm making it! I make chocolate with pot in it.

How to do you like being at biggest Cannabis Cup yet?

It's historic. This is a historic event! The first legal Cannabis Cup in history and I'm glad that we're a part of it.