• Colorado Attorney General John Suthers is spreading word of a significant increase in crime near medical marijuana dispensaries. Seems Suthers is hoping his claims tying Colorado’s dispensaries to an increase in crime will frighten legislators into considering an amendment to the state constitution that would give more control over medical marijuana to the government.

Ultimately, such a change is something Colorado voters would have to approve – the state voted to allow the medicinal use of marijuana in 2000 (54% in favor). Suthers no doubt would like to see the current MMJ law tightened up. But a caregiver offers a different idea: why not legalize it outright? “Then criminals wouldn’t have to break into homes and businesses to get it.” …kdvr.com

• A father and son were busted for growing pot over the weekend. Deputies found 116 plants in Jeremy Wheeler’s upstate New York home. Wheeler added evidence tampering to the charges when he allegedly “tried to eat some of the plants while being booked.” 

Listen, getting busted is a bad situation and there’s really no telling how you’ll respond under such circumstances. After all, there’s not a bunch of time to weigh the pros and cons of a decision. Still, you’d like to think that Wheeler could have ruled out chomping down on some colas while being dragged off by the cops as an option. We’re not talking about a roach here. He had 116 plants. That’s a lot of evidence to chew up without a glass of water. And, apparently, growers are getting charged with their plants’ potential to create marijuana, anyway. …google.com

• A Michigan woman confirmed that police are not out to protect marijuana growers when she called 911 to report several plants stolen from her home. According to her account, two men broke in and threatened her with a baseball bat before fleeing with her pot.

“The woman did not possess a medical marijuana card and told deputies the plants were for personal use. The woman was arrested on suspicion of manufacturing and delivering marijuana … Prosecutors are waiting for the results from suspected marijuana confiscated from her home.” …upi.com