• This has been a rough week for cops as they’ve provided a veritable blooper reel of miscues. Here’s the latest:

San Joaquin County’s new state of the art “mobile law enforcement command center” is considered essential to emergency response (by the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department anyway). How essential? $500,000 essential. That’s how much it cost to design and build the behemoth. Only problem? Technically, it’s illegal to drive it in the state of California.

You see, the new mobile command center weighs just a smidge (2,060 pounds) over the Golden State’s legal limit.

The solution? Have three deputies drive the beast back to Ohio (where it was built) and have it fixed up to meet Cali regulations. Unfortunately, “the financial cost of the 11-day trip quickly adds up: travel expenses would cost $7,925 and the salaries for the deputies would cost $11,037.” That’s an additional $18,962 on top of the original $500,000. At least the repairs are covered by the warranty.

Needless to say, taxpayers are not pleased. However, no one is asking the obvious question: Shouldn’t California law enforcement have known that this vehicle would not comply with California law? …cbs13.com

• It seems the LA City Council thought they could forever put off the growth of medical marijuana dispensaries through a vague and possibly unconstitutional moratorium. However, the two-year-old moratorium has come under fire as a newly associated group of MMJ collectives have filed a lawsuit claiming the “City Council violated state law when it extended the ban until mid-March.”

While the city attorney’s office, the DA and the PD maintain that “over-the-counter sales of medical marijuana are illegal under state law,” not everyone involved has taken such a hard line. “Councilman Dennis Zine and other council members repeated their insistence that any ordinance that did not allow for marijuana sales would be unworkable, as did many medical marijuana advocates at the committee hearing.”

Should be interesting to see how this plays out. …latimes.com

• Break out your calculators and some Smirnoff. The Marijuana Policy Project of Nevada is offering up a prize of $10,000 to anyone who can prove that alcohol is safer than marijuana. Good luck. …lasvegasnow.com