Fed up with the dumb shit going down? Wanna raise a Ruckus? The Ruckus Society teaches people who care about the world to use creative, nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience to change it. Ruckus is a national network of talented volunteer trainers who help activists sharpen their strategic and technical skills. Through intensive, weeklong “Action Camps” and shorter “MicroRuckus” trainings, we help give people voice, through creative action, media and cultural expression. Make the commitment and we can teach you to how to scale a redwood, hang yourself from a billboard, and form a human barricade.

The 2004 presidential election will be a turning point in US history. Since there will be no way to verify all votes come Election Day (see “How to Hack the Vote”), mass protest could turn out to be the most accurate measure of opposition to Bush’s agenda. And so the RNC must be the revolutionary street party of the decade: New Yorkers and visitors joining forces to expose the GOP’s new New World Order, while celebrating our movement for justice in fresh, creative ways. A few suggestions:

Let the Republicans buy up the media—we couldn’t afford it anyway. Instead, make your own signs, posters, banners, T-shirts, buttons, flyers and stickers. Claim public space with messages that say what people are really thinking. The city should be so saturated that the Bush-lovers can’t eat, sleep, get on a train, go to the theater (or the bathroom, for that matter) without seeing your message: “RNC Not Welcome.”

The streets of NYC will be bumping. Let’s keep Republicans tossing and turning in their hotel beds, with the rhythms of anti-war drums pulsating in their heads. For every GOP gala affair, make sure there are a hundred poetry slams, ciphers and hip-hop battles against Bush. Every park, bodega and nail shop, every stage and street corner is a venue for truth-telling.

Hang a huge pink slip, topple a statue of W. in the street, or unfurl a 50-foot banner to send the message loud and clear: You Failed, You’re Fired! Or invite “Hallibacon,” the Ruckus Society’s huge helium pig, to dine at the trough with Halliburton execs. Marches, strikes, sit-ins and creative convergences call attention to our issues and expose the places where crimes against humanity are taking place. Creative mass actions, like park cleanups or school renovations, clearly illustrate the kind of world we want to live in.