Vapor 2.0

The next level in vaporizer technology has arrived! The new VapirRise was developed with the consumer in mind: It provides two options for vaporization, traditional whip - style tubes that can accommodate up to four people at a time and Volcano - style balloons that are fast and whisper quiet. Touchpad controls and an LCD for temperature and fan speed simplify the process even more. It works great with herbs and essential oils.


Screen Scene

Are you an extract artist who’s tired of creases, tears and blowouts from makeshift extraction filters? With the new Slick Screen extraction filter, you’ll never run a bad batch again. This laboratory - grade, butane battle - tested, fine micron filter stretches with a smooth and seamless touch and is customizable for all extraction - tube types and sizes. It’s designed to maximize the yield and purity of your essential oils time and time again.


Nute Strength
Prices vary

Organic growers have been buzzing about a new nutrient company out of Oregon, so we decided to put them to the test. The OMRI - listed line of plant foods from West Coast Hydroponics performed outstandingly throughout every stage of growth. Easy - to - understand online feeding schedules simplified the process, and the final results were absolutely superb. We also love the company’s commitment to the environment: They use no artificial colors, fillers or preservatives.


Catch the Wave

In case you haven’t heard, the Biowave DI-1000 from Biowave Technologies emits subsonic harmonic waves that resonate with the plants’ internal frequencies and cause the stomata on leaves to dilate, thereby increasing respiration and photosynthetic processes. Tests have confirmed an average yield increase of 20%, with no test ever producing an increase lower than 12%! All machines are made in the USA with stainless steel and carry a one-year warranty.