(Playstation 2 -- Konami)
Remember when you saw Silence of the Lambs for the first time? I
do. I spent the entire movie caught somewhere between being terrified out of my mind and completely riveted by Anthony Hopkins performance as the man-eating Hannibal Lecter. Just in case you forgot that icky feeling, Silent Hill 2 recreates it for you in your own living room. Turn off all the lights, take a few hefty bong hits, and try not to wet your pants as you maneuver through the elaborate maze of the town called Silent Hill. The game is all first-player action. Most of the time you are weaponless against snarling dogs and other creatures of the night. The only soundtrack is the eerie panting of your character's breath and the screech of vultures hunting you through deserted streets. Since this game is highly addictive, I suggest you take as many tokes as possible to keep your hand steady as the rest of you shivers with fear.

-- Sasha Bay