The Wailers held an at-capacity crowd rapt for two hours last night at the Melkweg with their message of peace, freedom and ganja.

Although it was the fourth night of the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, and all were a little weary after attending packed events for 96 hours straight, no one missed the Wailers. Every person in the audience knew every word to every song and sang along unabashedly.

The smoke was as palpable as the excitement during the set, during which the legendary Rasta warriors treated fans to all the favorites. Spirits were high, and the music transcendent.

There's something magical about witnessing reggae legends in a smoky hall while taking a toke off a gorgeous J.

Bucket list achievement for sure.

Tonight at the Melkweg is the Cannabis Cup awards show at 8pm, when we will find out this year's winning strains.