The Pot 40 is a list dedicated to the best things in life, as voted by you, the High Times reader. This cartoon list first appeared in the June, 1986 issue, going through many different changes (Pot 80, Hemp 100, etc.).

To send in a vote, put your nomination for the list in the subject line of an email and send it to You may supply further information about your vote, additional nominations for the list, links and images related to your nominations in the body of the email.

Due to the problems of spam and “push-button” votes (where Websites solicit Pot 40 votes by setting up email generators that send votes to the Pot 40 at the push of a Web banner), votes and/or nominations found to be created by email generators or spam engines may be disqualified from the list. (This is at the discretion of the Pot 40 Voting Committee, which meets once a week to review the votes and decide upon the list, often debating long into the night about which candidate wins the much-coveted #1 spot.)

HIGH TIMES readers are encouraged to vote, and to encourage others to vote. Just keep in mind that it takes several months for the email votes to be tabulated, the cartoon chart to be produced, and the magazine to be printed and distributed. It usually takes 3-4 months for your vote to appear on the list.

The bottom line is always that The HIGH TIMES PoT 40 Voting Committee does its best to determine which nominations to the Pot 40 deserve to appear on the list and which do not. They work hard to determine what you, the High Times reader, honestly believe should be on the list. They listen, and care, about what you have to say.

--The HIGH TIMES Pot 40 Voting Committee