After 23 years of hosting our legendary Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, HIGH TIMES bring the world's most prestigious pot competition to Colorado for the first time. The contest will feature entries from 79 of the state's legally operating medical marijuana dispensaries,  who submitted 45 indicas, 36 sativas, 50 hybrids, 26 concentrates, and 25 edibles in hopes bringing home a Medical Cannabis Cup.


14er Holistics
Concentrate - Lemon Skunk Sub Critical Oil
Hybrid - Accidental Magic
Indica - Boo Berry
Sativa - Lemon Skunk
Edible - Honey Hash Syringe

420 Wellness
Concentrate - Peanut Butter Hash
Hybrid - Dutch Dragon
Indica - LA Confidential

A Cut Above Location #1
Hybrid - White Dawg
Indica - Bubba #6
Sativa - Super Silver Haze

A Cut Above Location #2
Hybrid - The White
Indica - Bubble Gum
Sativa - Schrom

A Cut Above Location #3
Hybrid - Underdawg
Indica - Las Vegas Bubba Kush
Sativa - Big Wreck


Advanced Medical Alternatives
Concentrate - AMA Earwax
Hybrid - Aloha 98 White Widow
Sativa - Kush Berry

All Good Care Center
Edible - Budder Brownies

All Saints Medical
Hybrid - Texas Shoreliine
Indica - Black Russian

Hybrid - Kotton Kandy Kush
Sativa - Steamboat Shipwreck

Altitude Organic Medicine
Concentrate - Caviar Spice
Hybrid - D-Town Wonder Diesel
Indica - Rocky Mountain Razzle Berry
Sativa - Hummingbird Lemon Haze

Ambrosia Caregivers / D+C Medical
Concentrate - Chilled H20 Bubble RC/KK
Hybrid - Kandy Kush
Indica - Reclining Buddha


Attitude Wellness Center
Hybrid - DJ Short’s Flo

Hybrid - Critical
Indica - G13 Widow
Sativa - Albert S. Hoffman

Broadway Wellness
Concentrate - Hong Kong Stable Oil
Hybrid - Chem Dawg Bio Diesel
Sativa - Blue Dream*
Sativa - Sweet Mountain Skunk*
*Changed by order of the HIGH TIMES judging coordinator

Bud Cellar
Hybrid - Querkle
Indica - Lavender*
Indica - Pickle*
*Changed by order of the HIGH TIMES judging coordinator

Hybrid - Magar
Sativa - Durban Poison

Cannabis Therapeutics
Concentrate - Butane Hash Oil
Edible - Banana Carrot Pumpkin Cake
Hybrid - Banana Kali
Indica - Green Love Potion
Sativa - Strawberry Blue

Cheeba Chews
Edible - Cheeba Chews

Colorado Alternative Medicine Dispensary
Hybrid - Golden Goat
Indica - LA Kush
Sativa - Presidential Kush

Colorado Dispensary Services
Concentrate - Medical 1024 Bubble hash

Colorado Herbal Remedies
Hybrid - Sour Diesel
Indica - Master Kush
Sativa - Supreme Hash Plant

Colorado Wellness Inc
Concentrate - Headband Kush Butane Hash Oil

Compassionate Pain Management
Concentrate - Cheese Bubble Hash
Hybrid - Raspberry Cough

Delta 9 Alternative Medicine
Hybrid - Bruce Banner #3

Denver Relief
Edible - Subcritical Lollipop
Hybrid - Bio Diesel
Sativa - Blue Dream

Ganja Gourmet
Edible - New York Almond Horn
Wholesale Edible - White Rabbit

GHS Partners / Greenside
Concentrate - The White BHO

Good Chemistry
Concentrate - Ingrid Bubble Hash
Edible - Mountain Medical Blueberry Pie Bars
Hybrid - Sour Diesel
Indica - Ingrid
Sativa - Blue Dream
Grass Roots Health and Wellness
Hybrid - Flo
Indica - Mazar x Jilly Bean
Sativa - Island Sweet Skunk

Grass Roots Organica
Concentrate - Cheese Earwax
Hybrid - Chiesel
Indica - Alien Dawg

Green Cross Colorado
Edible - Cannapunch OMG

Green Life Medical Center
Indica - White Rhino

Helping Hands Herbals
Hybrid - Sugar Cane

Herbs for You
Hybrid - Bubble Star
Indica - Vertigo
Sativa - Durban Poison‎

Herbal Remedies
Concentrate - HR Peanut Butter Hash Gold Goat
Hybrid - Flo
Indica - Violator Kush
Sativa - Chernobyl

High Country Healing II
Indica - Alma Grape Ape

Higher Health Medical LLC
Hybrid - Sour Diesel
Indica - White Rhino

Highland Health
Concentrate - Skywalker OG Solvent-less Wax
Hybrid - Banana Kush
Indica - Chem Dawg
Sativa - Durban Poison


Concentrate - Karma’s Wax
Edible - Orange Dream Soda
Hybrid - Karma’s Headband
Indica - Grape Ape
Sativa - Karma’s Sour Diesel

Local Product of Colorado
Hybrid - Blood Diamond by Crude
Indica - Double Bubble Berry

Maggie’s Farm
Hybrid - The Flav
Indica - Querkle
Sativa - Chernobyl

Marqaha (MIP)
Edible - Fruit Punch Inkblot Series

Mile High Green Cross
Hybrid - Sour Grape
Indica - Banana Kush


MMJ America

Indica - Pink Lady

Hybrid - The Flav

Mountain High Medical Caregivers
Indica - Holland’s Hope

Natural Alternatives for Health

Indica - Lavender

Sativa - Snow Dawg


Natural Choice
Edible - Icy Pot

Natural Mystic Caregivers
Hybrid - OG Kush*
Hybrid - Ice Cream*
*Changed by order of the HIGH TIMES judging coordinator

No-D-Bo (MIP)
Edible - Jalapeno Cheddar Crackers

North Shore Edibles
Edible - Um-Sash-Us Balls

Original Cannabis Growers
Indica - Comfortably Numb White

Platte Valley Dispensary
Indica - Bubba Kush

Project Greenergy
Indica - Bubble Gum Kush

River Rock Wellness
Concentrate - Buddha Sister BHO
Hybrid - Grape Trainwreck
Indica - Blackberry Kush
Sativa - Jack Frost


Rocky Mountain Remedies
Concentrate - House Blend Earwax
Edible - Ganja Gourmet Spacecake
Hybrid - Grape God
Indica - Newberry

Rocky Mountain Farmacy
Edible - TNT Massage Oil/Pretty Girl Originals

Root Organic MMC
Concentrate - Sour D Bubble
Indica - Bubba Kush
Sativa - Shoreline   

Superum Inc.
Concentrate - Keef Hash
Edible - Keef Cola Extreme

Salida Green Cross
Concentrate - Grape Ape Wellness Wax
Hybrid - Headband Kush
Indica - Grape Ape
Sativa - Super Dawg

Southwest Alternative Care
Sativa - OG Ghosttrain Haze


Standing Akimbo
Edible - Pecanna Bar

Solace Meds LLC
Hybrid - Shiva Skunk

Tasty Yummees
Edible - Cappucino Crisp

The CannaseurDispensary
Concentrate - Bubba Kush BHO
Hybrid - Kurple Fantasy #2
Indica - Bubba Kush
Sativa - Jack Flash

The Cannaseur Wholesale
Concentrate - Red Sugar Bubble Hash
Hybrid - Chem Dawg #4
Indica - Kurple Fantasy #1
Sativa - Kizzle

The Clinic on Colfax
Concentrate - Grape God Jelly Hash
Edible - Chocolate Tort
Hybrid - XXX Diesel
Indica - Grape God
Sativa - Super Lemon Haze


The Clinic on Holly
Concentrate - Rascal OG Nectar
Edible - Chocolate Raspberry Oat Bar
Hybrid - Chem Band
Indica - Pre 98 Bubba Kush
Sativa - Fruit Cup

The Dandelion Co.
Edible - Sativa Mist

The Denver Kush Club
Edible - Red Velvet Space Cake
Hybrid - Blue Diesel

The Farm / Skinny Pineapple
Sativa - Alpha Blue

The Grasshopper Alternative Medicine
Sativa - Cinderella Haze

The Green Room
Hybrid - Jack Flash
Indica - Bubba Kush
Sativa - Hash Plant Haze


The Greenest Green
Concentrate - Lemon G-13 Hash Oil
Hybrid - Ghost OG Moonshine #6
Indica - Skywalker OG
Sativa - Sweet Sweet

The Health Center
Hybrid - Hanis
Indica - Hanis #1

The Pleasure Cafe LLC
Edible - Buddha Bar

Twirling Hippy Confections
Edible - Heart of Dankness Cheesecake

Urban Cannabis
Indica - Cherry Kola

Verde Wellness Center
Hybrid - Jack Wreck
Indica - S.B. OG

Village Green Society
Hybrid - Bio Sour Diesel

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