As HIGH TIMES gears up for the 26th Cannabis Cup, our thoughts naturally to the great city of Amsterdam and all of its pleasures. Our staff offers their thoughts on the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup.

"The Cannabis Cup is a marijuana fantasy camp. Like Major League Baseball fantasy camps, where you meet legends of the game, the Cup allows you to meet our industry’s stars like Arjan, Soma, the DNA guys, and so many others. You get to interact with them, talk to them about strains and pick their brains.” Danny Danko, senior cultivation editor

“Amsterdam provides a unique experience, exciting and memorable, unlike anything that’s offered in the US. The fact is the history and the traditions of the Cannabis Cup have made what’s going on in America today possible.” Bobby Black, senior editor

“I love history and I love photography. One of my favorite things to do is get away from all of the Cup hullabaloo, walk the streets, and imagine life centuries ago. There are so many photo ops – night and day. It’s a photographer’s dream. And after trudging all over the city, a coffeeshop is the world's best oasis!”Dan Skye, editorial director

“Meeting Mila, who’s known as the ‘Hash Queen of Amsterdam,’ was inspirational. In the male-dominated cannabis industry, Mila is an entrepreneur, an inventor, as well as a mom. She’s one of the Dutch cannabis industry’s legends and every year her seminar at the Expo is packed with her fans.” Jen Bernstein, managing editor

“For me, Amsterdam is all about high dining. There are so many great restaurants and so many different types of food. One of my favorite places is The Pancake House where they make pancakes with ingredients from all over the world.”Craig Coffey, IT director

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