Last week, marijuana-friendly lawmakers went head-to-head with the wretched beasts keeping the majority of America from going green. This is how it all went down:

Alaska: The Third State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana?
Alaska could be well on its way to becoming the third state to legalize recreational marijuana. Last week, Campaign to Regulate Marijuana submitted over 45,000 signatures to the election board. The initiative is only required to secure 30,000 verified signatures before obtaining a spot on the state ballot.

Alaska currently has access to medical marijuana, but if voters have their way this year, the state could join the ranks of Colorado and Washington in allowing adults over the age of 21 to purchase the drug for recreational use.

Indiana: Marijuana Could Soon Be Decriminalized
State Senator Karen Tallian announced last week the filing of a bill that would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana in Indiana.

Senate Bill 314 would make possession of less than two ounces a Class C infraction. Possession of an ounce or less in Indiana is currently a misdemeanor offense with a penalty of one year in jail and a fine up to $5,000.

Tennessee: Medical Marijuana Bill to End the Suffering
State Representative Sherry Jones announced last week that she has submitted a proposal for review during this legislative session aimed at legalizing the prescription and sale of medical marijuana.

Representative Jones says that her bill, HB1385, is about being rational and compassionate to those suffering from major illnesses. "It would apply to only the most severely debilitated people ... children suffering a hundred (epileptic) seizures a day, people on chemotherapy, people with multiple sclerosis ... people with a plethora of diseases,” she said.

Tennessee legalized medical marijuana during the 1980s, but repealed the law. Supporters of the bill hope that changing national opinions lend itself to permanent legalization.

Florida: Controversial Initiative Could Be Headed to the Ballot
Florida has endured a hard road in their attempt to legalize medical marijuana, but voters could finally have a say on the issue this November. Representatives for the United Medical Marijuana campaign announced last week that the have acquired almost a million signatures for their ballot measure -- hundreds of thousands more than the required 683,000 valid signatures.

The initiative is still being debated in the Florida Supreme Court. If a ruling is handed down against the measure, it could prohibit its inclusion in this year’s ballot regardless of how many signatures the campaign secures.

Kentucky: Medical Marijuana Bill Revisited
Kentucky lawmakers met last week to revisit a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky. Members of the Health and Wealth Committee met to review Senate Bill 43 -- the Cannabis Compassion Act -- in an attempt to establish guidelines for a measure allowing the state health department to dispense medical marijuana to qualified patients.

The bill was first introduced in 2012, but it never received a hearing; then again in 2013, but did not get a vote. Supporters hope that this year the bill will garner some additional support.

New Hampshire: Delays Marijuana Legalization Vote
Last week, a vote to legalize marijuana in New Hampshire was delayed until sometime later this week because lawmakers say they did not have enough time to debate the issue.

House Bill 492 is geared towards decriminalize marijuana in the state, making it legal for adults over the age of 21 to possess up to one ounce of weed and grow six plants for personal use.

Washington DC: Recreational Marijuana Initiative Filed
An independent group of marijuana supporters called DCMJ announced last week plans to introduce an initiative to the DC Board of Elections that would legalize recreational marijuana in the state.

The initiative would make it legal for the residents of the District of Columbia to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants.

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