Of all the hip-hop stars who have embraced weed, Redman is clearly our favorite. And that's why we want him to continue hosting our award shows and hopefully make it out to the Cannabis Cup this year. Even though we know the multi-talented entertainer could have a career as a comedian, Redman insists he's still just an emcee from the hood. By Steven Hager, Photos by Duke Lobos Where were you born? New Jersey. My parents are from Alabama. When did you first experience cannabis? When I was 16, with my uncles out in Alabama. I seen them smoking weed and asked if I could hit it, and they let me - and that shit tasted good! My mother saw I was high. I was like, "Yo, I was just chillin' with my uncles." From then, I started trying to get my own weed. We rolled it in tissue paper when we couldn't find papers. I went through the little bullshit selling weed. Then I ran into EPMD, one of my favorite rap pioneers besides Slick Rick and KRS-One. Those are my highest priests of emceeing. Did my first album in '92, and I was on your-all cover. Lesson from that is: You can get high, but your business has to be tight. And even though I was smoking a lot of weed, I had a vision. I don't forget the important shit like, "Where's my money?" I never forget that motherfucking price or how much my bills is because I try not to owe. I'm not going to smoke weed and owe motherfuckers money. I used to have to go to school and see motherfuckers at the bus stop getting to work by 7 o'clock. I knew at 16 I did not want that. I had to be a boss of whatever I had to do. I went to school and graduated. I did two years at Montclair State, so you know I tried the school thing and blew my tuition buying weed. I didn't take it serious, so I knew I was going to be wasting money in the end, so I dropped out in my second year. I got kicked out of my mom's house for selling weed. Got kicked out of my pop's house for selling weed. So I went to go stay with EPMD and Bam! Redman came on. What's the funniest thing that happened when you were dealing? Being chased by 5-0 and running through my mom's backyard, hopping the fence, going up to somebody else's apartment building. The detectives came in, and I hid behind this garbage. This garbage had so many roaches I was ready to give myself up. But then I took off my shirt, kicked in a door, walked right in past someone cookin', and I was like, "Sorry about that." This girl came out. She knew me. She was like, "What you doing here with your shirt off?" I was like, "Listen, can I talk to you for a minute?" I closed the door and I was like, "How you doin'? Yo, 5-0 is right downstairs. Can I go through your front door?" She was a cool person. The second thing is, when I was selling drugs... I was high as hell and being greedy, it was late as hell... and I knew I shouldn't be out there, and I had like 20 bags on me. So I go to a car - it had this old man. I go to the passenger-side window and he rolls it down. "Yo, you got any bags?" So I leans in the window with my whole stash and I lays up to see if anybody's coming, and this nigga snatched my whole stash and brrubruuubruuuu [steers imaginary car wheel]. And I just listened to the car go all the way down the street, 'cause it was late and I was by myself. And it got all the way down, and I was like, God... damn! I can't believe that shit just happened! That old man just robbed me for my little stash. That's what I get for being greedy. Motherfucker. They was phat bags too. They was dimes back when dimes were this [indicates six inches]. Still had seeds in it, but phat as hell. He took the whole motherfucking stash. What's your favorite thing to do at 4:20? I'm working. I work in Manhattan. I got a studio. What about on April 20th? Well, April 17th is my birthday. I'm an Aries, so it fits well every year around my birthday. Last April 20th, me and my baby went to Bermuda. We was out there chillin', gettin' high, dancin', walkin' on the beach, you know, 'cause she like to take me places 'cause she knows I don't really go out at all. And if I don't go out and take a vacation and step back from the scene, I'll go crazy.