Saturday May 24th, I witnessed longtime HIGH TIMES "IT guy" Craig Coffey shoot a hole-in-one while high on dabs at the Riis Park Pitch & Putt on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, New York City. It was just after the turn, at hole #10 that Craig accomplished the rare golfing feat. 

Did I say “rare”? According to major insurance companies like Lloyds of London, the odds of shooting a hole-in-one range from 2,500 to-1 for a professional golfer to 12,500-to-1 for an amateur like Craig. The odds of shooting a hole-in-one while stoned were unknown until Saturday.

“I'd been dabbing all day,” said Coffey with red eyes and a wide smile. “I was high as shit!”

We'd brought along his trusty glass Hit Man Cake Rig in order to do some stealthy hash oil hits on the course and hit it several times on the front nine. It was Craig's best front nine yet, but nothing could prepare us for what was to come beyond the turn. Hole #10, a short 51 yard par 3 usually proves an easy hole to birdie or par but eagles there are quite uncommon, as evidenced by the clubhouse attendant expressing surprise and even shock at Craig's accomplishment. 

It was just like when you're baked at home playing Tiger Woods: The shot went up, and everything went slow-motion. My vision zoomed in on the green to see Craig's lofting shot land softly, bounce twice and then gently roll into the cup. It would have gone in even without the flag and pin! We looked at each other for second in disbelief, and then started jumping around high-fiving. All of which goes to show that when getting high and playing golf, anything is possible.