One of the most mind-numbing and time-consuming tasks for ganja growers is trimming plants. Hours are wasted meticulously clipping leaves away from buds for proper jar-worthy pot. Trimpro, for commercial growers, and Trimbox, for home gardeners, save growers loads of time and energy. The Trimpro, designed to be set up as a stand-alone unit, can be used by two people at once, cutting trimming time by up to 50 percent. The trimmer comes with two different grates to suit all strains: The red top has wide grate lines, while the blue one combines small and wide holes. The Trimbox, barely larger than a gallon of paint, can be attached to any table or countertop and is significantly quieter than its larger cousin. Both units conveniently collect the cut trimmings into a bag for future cooking or hash-making.

Price: Trimpro, $1,999.95; Trimbox, $1,249.95
Contact: West Coast Growers; (888) 924-4769