As the cultural and aesthetic renaissance of marijuana continues it can even be witnessed down to manicured fingernails. A new trend, dubbed “weedicures” by some, involves manicures containing actual cannabis. 

Forbes reported last week that women are opting to have bits of pot embedded in their acrylic nails, that create a unique green and gold texture and tone drawing instant attention to the end of female fingers. 

An exotic dancer called Kat told Forbes that after she saw a weedicure online, she asked her manicurist if she too could receive one, and the manicurist agreed – with the provision that Kat bring her own bud. Kat did so and for $45 received her weedicure that she happily described as looking like "kief" (consumable resin glands). 

The popularity of weed-nails is on the rise with an increased online presence and they’ve even been spotted adorning attendees of the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup. 

However, the legality of these pot-nails is in question. Would a weedicure subject the wearer to being arrested or ticketed for pot possession? Morgan Fox of Marijuana Policy Project opined to Forbes that women shouldn't worry in Washington and Colorado, although in some states – including California – such pot displays could result in a misdemeanor fine despite the fact that the cannabis is no longer safely consumable.