In the cannabis marketplace, there are thousands of great products. Our goal is to high-light them all!

If you're buying a piece of glass smokeware, you want it to be both functional and durable. Not everyone has the pocketbook – or the desire – to acquire a piece created by a top artist. Many simply want a weapon of self-reflection that delivers a clean hit and won’t shatter if you tap it. We want a trusted companion! However, always stay away from cheap-ass, imported pipes. They’re often defective and frequently manufactured using sweatshop labor.

Check out the glassware produced by HVY Glass. They’ve been producing a variety of quality glass smokeware since 1999 and enjoy a huge fan base as well as scores of rave reviews online. Plus, HVY Glass pipes are made in California using quality German and American glass. And best of all, they’re tough enough to take on the clumsiest stoner!

Google HVY Glass and discover a wide range of sleek, affordable water pipes.