Prior to working for HIGH TIMES magazine, editorial director Dan Skye worked in the fitness industry as both a private trainer and a classroom instructor. He knows that good health is just as important for those working out as those toking up.

That’s why he highly recommends (is there any other way?) Hemp FORCE from Onnit. Due to the balanced amino acid profile, strong fiber content, and essential omega fatty acids, hemp protein represents one of the most nutritious and energetically favorable vegetarian proteins available. The bioactive nutrients in Hemp seeds make Hemp FORCE suitable for anyone – from the most intense body builders to the healthiest vegetarians. Maca root, cocoa, and stevia provide a rich taste, a burst in energy, and an array of phytochemical nutrients that is unparalleled in other available protein supplements.

Dan’s favorite is Vanill Acai Hemp FORCE. He raves, “It’s incredibly tasty. I put in my smoothie every morning, usually with some lemon yogurt and fresh fruit. It’s my wakeup call!”

Hemp FORCE is truly the next generation of protein supplement that will prove beneficial to all individuals interested in healthy protein snacking or true performance nutrition.

Also, check out The Hemp FORCE bar. It provides a broad spectrum of healthy fats, minerals, fiber and protein pressed into a shape that is perfect for busy people on the go. Enjoy the flavor of coconut, almonds, and oats, swirling with some sweet natural vanilla, and kicked off with a hint of sea salt.

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