Feeding plants should be easy and economical. We've heard great things from growers about the plant foods from Rock Nutrients, an Australian company that's been formulating their solutions for over 20 years, and is now breaking out on the international cultivation market. Rock’s five-bottle system takes you from seedling to harvest with ease, and a simple schedule provides plants with everything they need at all the right times. Let’s count them down:

Rock’s Fusion Grow (1) is formulated specially for the vegetative stage of flowering plants and can encourage lush vegetative growth in a simple easy-to-use one-part nutrient. In contrast, the company’s Fusion Bloom (2) is  specifically formulated to increase buds and yields. Absorbalight (3) is the Rock supplement which feeds plants through the foliage rather than the roots, and increases light-absorbing chloroplasts and light interception while also providing life-sustaining amino acids and proteins.

Rock’s popular Resinator (4) supplement uses an extensive combination of phosphorus and potassium that’s designed to add extra kick to the size and weight of o the harvest and it gets that important job done without any unwanted chemical PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators).

And finally there’s Supercharge (5), formulated to stimulate root growth and provides a strong foundation for any plant to thrive throughout the entire growing cycle.

Rock Nutrient’s two decades of experience shows in every one of its products, all of which seem to be… well, as solid as a Rock.