The world famous Hershey’s chocolate company claims a Seattle medical marijuana dispensary is infringing upon a number of trademarks by selling cannabis-infused candy with the names Reefer’s Cup and Mr. Dankbar, which they believe is packaged to resemble their products. The candy maker has since filed a federal lawsuit against the dispensary, as well as additional litigation against another in Colorado.

In the lawsuit, Hershey outlines their concerns over Seattle’s Conscious Care Cooperative bastardizing the company’s iconic logos, which they say are highly recognizable and trusted brands all over the world.

“Consumers depend on our brand names to represent a level of quality and dependability,” Jeff Beckman, a spokesman for Hershey told KIRO 7. “These entities have used Hershey’s trademarks, without authorization, to trade on Hershey’s goodwill and reputation, and to draw greater attention to their products; these unauthorized uses of Hershey’s trademarks also make the products more appealing to children.”

Hershey is demanding that Conscious Care Cooperative stop selling any marijuana edible that resembles their brands, as well as asking the dispensary to provide them with financial records regarding the past sales of the items. The lawsuit also suggests the chocolate maker is seeking compensation from the dispensary to pay for damages and attorney’s fees.

“We have always vigorously protected our brands and will continue to do so whenever we believe that others have infringed on these valuable intellectual assets,” said Beckman.

Interestingly, it appears as though Hershey may be suing the wrong company. An employee with Conscious Care Cooperative says the dispensary does not manufacture the products in question. “It’s not even our product, it’s just something that we carry,” she said. “So it’s a vendor, it’s not even us,” adding that the dispensary has since run out of those particular brands.

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