When in Washington State, be on the lookout for Redhook's Joint Effort, an ale flavored with hemp seeds, which hit shelves last week.

Redhook teamed with Ballard's Hilliard's brewery to produce "Joint Effort."

"It's really brewed to be somewhat irreverent, which is kind of Redhook's style," senior brewmaster Matt Licklider told MyNorthwest.com.

Licklider and the other brewers had never worked with hemp seeds, so they had their work cut out for them: "We honestly got a big bag of them, didn't have any idea of how much to add or any idea what flavors they would impart, and just started throwing them in our mouths and chewing them," he said.

What they came up with, Licklider said, was a dubious collaboration between two buds. Again, that was intentional.

"We wanted it to have a dank, hop aroma that is very reminiscent for someone who is a marijuana user and really just play on that tie of the hemp and that aroma to the celebration of that law," he said.

I was a little concerned picking up this beer because hemp can contain THC, the same ingredient that powers marijuana, but Licklider said you don't have to worry.

Unfortuanely, if you're looking to get high, you're going to need to derive THC from elsewhere. Both the hemp seeds and the resulting beer are certified THC free. The good news is that you can indulge in Joint Effort and still have a clean drug test: "You're certainly not going to test positive by drinking the beer or by consuming hemp seeds," said Licklider.

Redhook unveiled the beer at select brew pubs a few months ago. It was poured from a tap handle shaped like a bright yellow bong. It is now available in 22-ounce bottles. It will be available for as long as the public keeps buying it.

Joint Effort is only available in Washington. Its alcohol content is 5.6 percent, so it's not too strong. As Redhook said, it's the perfect brew for hanging with your buds and grabbing some munchies.