Health Canada is now facing a class action lawsuit because thousands of medical marijuana patients say the agency destroyed their anonymity by not being more discreet with their mailings.

According to reports, this serious error in judgment has cost some people their jobs, while thousands more are worried that their homes could soon be targeted by the delinquency of hooligans, junkies and thieves.

Cannabis in Canada Society Founder and Director Jason Wilcox says that Health Canada mailed letters to 40,000 patients distinctly labeled “Medical Marijuana Access Program” along with the patients name and address.

Now, the recipients of this cover blowing mailing say they are concerned that they have been put on some kind of black market street list managed by heavy hitters of the underground, and will soon be met with violence from imbeciles trying to get their hands on free weed.

“If you’re in a small town, you are more exposed,” said Wilcox. “If it goes into the neighbor’s mailbox, which often happens with Health Canada, you’re exposed. And everybody that’s in a small town talks.”

Health Canada Deputy Minister George Da Pont says the mailing, which detailed changes to the medical marijuana program, was the result of an “administrative error,” and that the format in which it was sent out “was not standard Health Canada Practice.”

Wilcox says that after being enrolled in the federal marijuana access program for over a decade, this is the first time his medical records have been compromised.

“Up until now, all mail has come registered courier and you sign for it,” he said. “And then all of a sudden, because of this changeover in the program, after 12 years of autonomy and proper privacy of patient rights, Health Canada just outed 40,000 sick and disabled and elderly Canadians and dying Canadians in this country and there’s no ‘sorry?’”

A lawsuit is expected to be filed sometime this week.

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