Day two of the 26th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup emerged as a time to reflect on the precarious situation we face as cannabis consumers and producers worldwide.

My 1:30pm grow seminar, also a live episode of our podcast "Free Weed" featured an illustrious panel discussing marijuana cultivation, breeding award-winning pot strains and hashish science and manufacturing techniques.

Mike Corral, formerly of WAMM in Santa Cruz talked about growing organic medicinal outdoor herb for sick patients and his new project cultivating medical cannabis in Poland. Scott, the breeder of Rare Dankness seeds illuminated the crowd on growing big (like 40,000 square foot greenhouse big) in Colorado. Don and Aaron of DNA Genetics talked about what it takes to breed and grow Cannabis Cup-winning pot such as Tangie and Kosher Kush. Finally, Bubbleman enlightened the audience on the glandular trichomes containing the essential oils we love and how to extract them properly using dry-sift and ice-water extraction techniques.

All in all, a great group of growers and connoisseurs got together to share information vital to the betterment of the gene pool and all of our buds in the future. This panel was followed by a seminar from the legendary marijuana author Robert Connell Clarke (Marijuana Botany, Hashish!) discussing his new book, Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany and taking questions from an eager crowd that readily devoured the valuable information he divulged.

Following that, my esteemed cultivation colleague revealed "Secrets of Seed Breeding". Coming right up shortly our own Elise McDonough, author of the Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook presents, "The Art of Cannabis Cuisine" talking about the magic and alchemy of marijuana edibles. Tonight, Killer Mike and El-P will perform their new record "Run the Jewels" at the Melkweg. It's bound to be a packed house so get there early and enjoy the Cup!