The root system is one of the most important parts of the plant -- crucial when it comes to having healthy, big-yielding plants. Roots are made up of a tough fibrous cellulose that is often white or yellowish in color. 

Cannabis plants fall into the realm of vascular plants; these are plants that have xylem or lignified tissues that conduct water and minerals throughout the plant's system. The system works via osmosis, meaning absorption. The xylem transports water and soluble nutrients starting from the roots and disperses them throughout the plant. The way in which these nutrients travel through the plant occurs as a result of two different actions: transpirational pull and root pressure.

Transpirational pull is the most important of the two and occurs via transpiration. As the plant breathes it also transpires, due to water evaporating through its leaves. This evaporation creates a surface tension which causes a negative pressure in the xylem, this is what allows for the uptake of water through the roots. The best example of surface pressure is to fill a glass with water and then put a piece of paper or cardboard over the glass. Flip the glass while holding the cardboard, one the glass is upside down remove your hand and the cardboard is stuck to the glass because of pressure. This is basically the same process that a plant makes use of to suck water out of the medium that the plant sits in.

The second system that a plant uses to take in nutrients is root pressure. This occurs when the water present in the medium increases, after a watering for example, and creates a form of osmosis, or absorption of the water through the root systems.

The best way to have a healthy root zone is through beneficial microbes, this zone is called the rhizosphere. The most fertile of mediums in this case is soil because of the high levels of mycorrhizal fungi. This fungi works in symbiosis with the roots and aids it in the uptake of nutrients. There are several products available from many different nutrient companies that increase these beneficial fungi. However the best way to have a healthy root zone is to use an organic soil mixture that contains all the necessary mycorrhizal fungi. It is also advised to transplant your plants into a pot large enough for them to develop a big enough root system. 

In the beginning of your cycle -- either when using seeds or clones -- use a good quality root stimulator to further see intense root growth on your plants. 

Don’t forget a healthy happy root system leads to a healthy happy plant.

Keep on Growing!

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