Some individuals come equipped with a specific gene that makes them more susceptible to the effects of marijuana -- an inheritable characteristic that a new study says could provide an explanation as to why certain people are biologically programmed to be happier than others.

In the study, which was published in the latest edition of the journal, PLOS ONE, researchers explain that CB1 receptors are tightly bonded to the feeling of happiness.

Researchers say the harmonious phenomenon has the potential to occur regardless if a person uses marijuana or not. That is because the brain actually contains natural cannabinoids that can trigger the same gleeful response.

It also means that people who have an overabundance of cheerfulness naturally are likely more sensitive to weed and are destined to experience a more intense buzz than the rest of us. Lucky them.

Researchers conclude that individuals who possess this gene variation exhibit a “high sensitivity to positive emotional events,” which is more likely to produce an abundance of positive life events. In other words, there are really people out there that can simply get high on life.

For the rest of us… thank god for weed.