Dylan was the first in line at Marisol Gardens in Pueblo, CO on January 1st. He arrived at the dispensary at 2:30am with his friend Caleb and waited through the chilly night for Marisol to open its doors.

Marisol is one of the first, state-licensed “adult use” cannabis centers in the state of Colorado, but they’ve been in the business of medical marijuana since 2000, when Colorado voters approved medical use. Now, as 2014 gets underway, all adults from anywhere in the country -- or the world, for that matter -- can purchase cannabis for their own usage, medical or otherwise.

In a word, this New Year’s Day was historic. Unfortunately for Dylan, he was not the first person to purchase recreational pot in the state of Colorado.

I was.

Michael Stetler, the owner of Marisol, invited me to be the first adult to legally purchase cannabis for my own adult, recreational use from an actual store. At 8am on the dot, when stores were permitted to start doing business, I plunked down my cash for a quarter-ounce of Nehi, one of Marisol’s original strains.

Dylan was second. (Sorry, dude.)

All across Colorado, the “adult use” stores that had been granted licenses saw long lines of eager pot buyers snaking their way to their front doors. And although the wait to purchase lasted an hour to 90 minutes, the collective mood of the customers was buoyant. After all, many of these buyers had been busted for use -- some suffered imprisonment. Now, suddenly, the bad days were over!

Among the first 10 buyers in the Marisol line, five were from out of state -- Florida, Kentucky and Texas. All over the state, non-Coloradoans flocked to the new bud boutiques. At the Breckenridge Cannabis Club, ski tourists descended upon the quaint Main Street shop. One was so amped that he showed up in his pajamas -- in a snowstorm no less!

Down in Denver the Green Solution witnessed an all-day procession of pot lovers and, like everywhere else, the spirits of the patrons were high.

Bud Med/Patients Choice of Edgewater saw their first customer at 10am and, presently, is the only center permitted to keeps its doors open until midnight. Brooke Gehring, Bud Med’s managing partner, projected that the store would see 500 buyers on its first day of business -- even after Breckenridge’s snowstorm moved down the mountain and smacked Denver, as well as the scores of bud buyers waiting for their weed on city sidewalks.

One dispensary owner is sure that the rest of the country will soon follow suit and begin to embrace Colorado’s model: “Our legislators are drunk with the new revenue we’re generating.”

But, thankfully, the people who are creating this revenue stream are high, not drunk. They’re also free. Hallelujah!

At Marisol Gardens in Pueblo, the line started forming at 2:30am.

Marisol staffers hold a prayer circle before opening the doors.

Dan Skye makes the first legal Colorado purchase of pot!

Dylan is all smiles -- even though he was the second legal pot buyer in Colorado.

An eager buyer at the Breckenridge Cannabis Club showed up in his pajamas!

Like every other legal pot shop, the Green Solution of Denver saw long lines on New Year's Day.

At Bud Med/Patient's Choice, business started at 10am and extended to midnight.

The exquisite buds of Bud Med/Patient's Choice -- no longer just for medical patients!

Neither snow, nor rain, nor anything else could keep the world away from legal cannabis on New Year's Day!