The Highest Holiday is upon us - and we'd like to thank you for celebrating this 4/20 with HIGH TIMES. We're opening up the vaults to bring you all the 420-related content you can handle. Enjoy!


While the term 420 (taken both as a time to toke up and the date to celebrate all things marijuana) has become increasingly mainstream over the years, an air of mystery still shrouds its origin. Allow us to clear up any confusion with our Animated History of 420.


If that's not enough, check out HT's own Steven Hager discussing 420 with ABC News


If videos aren't your thing, here's our History of 420 Timeline.


Perhaps you're looking to join fellow activists and express yourself today. No problem. We've got you covered with our Find Your 4/20 Rally breakdown (and don't forget to let us know where your favorite 4/20 Rally is taking place in the comments section).


Looking to make a difference? Our 420 Campaign is full of helpful information for any activists out there - from making a difference locally to tips on contacting your representatives in Congress. 


If you'd rather sit back, relax and enjoy some 420-related content, allow us to suggest HIGH TIMES 420 Covers, highlights from the Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver including strain entries, concentrate entries, and Kid Cudi's VIP performance, and, as always, our Pix of the Crop.


That's a lot to go through. But if you didn't find what you were looking for, there's even more! Check out all of our 420 content right here.


Happy 4/20!