Marijuana's momentum becomes more impressive every day, making strides previously never thought possible in states like Missouri, where a newly released survey has 50 percent of all registered voters voicing their support for legal recreational marijuana by stating they either “strongly” favor or were at least “leaning towards” backing legal pot. 


The telephone poll was sponsored by tireless activist group Show-Me Cannabis and surveyed 500 voters likely to cast ballots in the November 2014 election. When specifically informed of the language of a potential ballot measure that would legalize recreational pot, a politically significant 54 percent approved. Consistent with similar polls, more men support legal pot than do women as do more Democrats than Republicans. 


Though the survey was conducted back in September 2012, it was released this week to coincide with the Afroman Tour throughout the state, which Show-Me-Cannabis is sponsoring.


One of the speakers will be courageous cop Sgt. Gary Wiegert, who has sued the St. Louis P.D. because they prevented him from working as pro-pot lobbyist.


Wiegert was lobbying for HB 512 – one of four pro-pot bills currently making their way through the Missouri General Assembly. 


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