Here's why people don't trust the government. Guns are legal; bongs aren't. But everybody knows which one causes more harm. Check out the differences.

Guns: They lay you low.
Bongs: They get you high.

Guns: Dangerous when loaded.
Bongs: Pleasurable when loaded.

Guns: Useless in water.
Bongs: Useful with water.

Guns: Need permit to get legal ammo.
Bongs: Need caution to get illegal ammo.

Guns: They eliminate consciousness.
Bongs: They alter consciousness.

Guns: Too many hits and your dead.
Bongs: Too many hits and you’re in bed.

Guns: A smoking gun means chamber has been emptied.
Bongs: A smoking chamber means bong has not been emptied.

Guns: Good for self-defense.
Bongs: Good for self.