By Chimera

Very few bags of pot stand out in the sea of commercially produced cannabis grown in western Canada. Sweet Skunk, a beloved smoke among well-connected connoisseurs, is an exception. The buds have long foxtails of stacked calyxes. Once the smoke crosses the lips and the effect sets in, the lucky toker realizes just how special this strain really is. However, since it isn’t a huge yielder under most conditions and requires 10 to 14 weeks of flowering to fully mature, few growers are willing to fill their gardens with it, making it something of a specialty item up here in the North.

Sweet Skunk was originally introduced by Spice of Life Seeds in 1994. The heritage was listed as Sensi Seed’s Big Skunk x Sweet Pink Grapefruit (a.k.a. Grapefruit) at the time, but Breeder Steve later speculated that the father was likely a NL x Haze male rather than a Big Skunk. This makes sense; the Southeast Asian “Hazey” bud structure is hard to ignore. Apparently, Steve had obtained two trays of clones for a grow, one labeled “Big Skunk” and the other “NL x Haze.” Upon planting and flowering the clones, one of the trays turned out to have a male that pollinated the crop, producing the seeds sold as Sweet Skunk. (Sometimes unplanned hybridization can yield outstanding individuals.) F1 seeds were planted, and an extreme sativa-leaning selection (SS #10) was chosen out of a roomful of indica-dominant girls. This clone is now known in BC as the original Sweet Skunk clone.

This special cutting was shared with friends and planted in gardens near and far. Breeder Steve hasn’t released a pure Sweet Skunk line, nor was the original ever rereleased. Other seed companies, however, have used this clone and siblings selected from the same F1 population to produce their own versions of this variety to fill the market void (e.g., Island Sweet Skunk). DJ Short and Spice of Life have recently released Sweet Blue, a Joint Project hybrid of the special Sweet Skunk and DJ’s Blueberry. The result was a more manageable, faster-flowering plant that possesses most of the flavors and scents of Sweet Skunk yet boasts larger yields and some of the color of Blueberry.