After a successful and widely publicized free joint giveaway earlier this month, the pro-pot/anti-taxation organization "No on Proposition AA" handed out more free cannabis Monday. This time, the group was dispersing joints in the name of disaster relief in the town of Boulder.

The devastating 2013 Colorado floods inspired No on Prop AA to give away ganja to both medical marijuana patients and "stressed out recreational users" at Boulder's Pearl Street Mall and the Boulder County Courthouse. 

To promote the event, organizers declared on their Facebook page: "Flood relief doesn't stop at clothes, medical supplies, food and shelter, people lost their pot too!"

Attorney Rob Corry -- a No on Prop AA organizer -- quipped to the crowd: "We're here to give you some dankness for your dampness!" 

Corry explained: "We want to bring some relief to hurting people in this community … We obviously had historic damage from this flood, and marijuana can be a calming, positive influence on people."  

Proposition AA is a measure on the 2013 Colorado state ballot. If approved by voters the measure would levy a 15 percent excise tax on wholesale distribution of recreational marijuana and add an extra 10 percent retail sales tax to the usual state sales tax.

Opponents of Prop AA object to such taxes driving pot prices close to or beyond the black market, defeating one of the prime purposes of legalization.

In an official statement, a "Yes on Proposition AA" spokesperson blasted No on Prop AA for “trying to capitalize upon a tragedy in order to advance their own political beliefs.”

Political views aside, the joint giveaway was decidedly popular. The line of participants stretched from the courthouse around the block leading up to the event start time at 11 am. And while public consumption of pot remains against the law – which lead to the controversy at the Denver event – giving (and best of all, receiving) free cannabis is perfectly legal in Colorado provided all recipients are either approved medical pot patients or age 21 and up.