New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie is on a whirlwind media tour ahead of his probable presidential run in the all-to-near future. With the likes of the bridge scandal and his ongoing battle with medical marijuana proponents, it will be hard to forget his misgivings when it comes time to vote -- but that doesn't mean he won't give it the old Christie try. In his first recent act of "goodwill," the governor visited Facebook headquarters to host an online Q&A. While there were many questions revolving around New Jersey's strict medical marijuana policies and his constant battle with patients, below are the only two he chose to answer. As you can see, he was at best non-committal and clearly trying to stay out of controversy:

Q: Why are you continuing to let sick people suffer, marijuana patients arw (sic) dying daily with every move you fail to make.
A: That is WRONG! Our program is medically based and if you need it, you can get it

Q: I am a veteran, NJ medical marijuana patient, and a student currently in my senior year at NJIT. I am pursing (sic) a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Recently, I was denied an internship on grounds of being a medical marijuana patient. My question is do you agree NJ should discriminate me for my medical treatment? I have tried all other avenues of treatment and nothing else works, so is my degree worthless in NJ? I served my country proudly and can’t believe I am being discriminated. Would you support protecting medical marijuana patients from this type of discrimination?
A: You should call the Governor's Office at 609-292-6000. We may be able to help

In his second leg of the media tour, Christie hit the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for an installment of the "Evolution of Dance" centered around dad dances for Father's Day. As for this attempt -- we say do us all a favor and pack out of the governor's mansion to start your career off right on Dancing with the Stars: