Fools and their money are soon parted. The folks at Shine Rolling Papers know that, and they’ve come up with a golden way to take it from suckas.

Shine 24K Gold rolling papers are covered with edible gold leaf to create “the ultimate party atmosphere,” according to an article in the NY Daily News. Sounds like these people need a lesson in how to party.

The website ramps up the brodudey factor with FAQs like “Can only hot people smoke it?” and their mission statement, “The sad thing about a gold cigar is that most people can’t afford it,” the idea being that gold papers are awesome because they’re super-duper expensive. Get it?

For just $55 per 12-paper pack you can roll a gold bat -- and look like a total tool. We’d rather spend our green on the green, roll it up with real-deal papers (try RAW), sit back, smoke and laugh at the idiots paying for bottle service and fumbling with gold joints.