While working at a Renaissance Festival, Tracie Lotus Starr met Marty Christiansen, the artist who would teach her the art of blowing glass. She soon left her IT job in Atlanta — infinitely preferring the world of glass to cubicle life—and moved to Asheville, NC with Marty in 2006. There, Tracie and Marty founded The Hippie Hookup to help friends sell and distribute their glass. Their vision was a different kind of distribution company, one that supported and promoted its artists. Today, their company represents more than 100 different glass artists and distributes merchandise along the entire the East Coast and as far west as Texas.
Recently, the duo has returned to the torch, handing over the distribution side of their business to a trusted friend. In addition to the luxury of being able to create more of their own glass, the move has allowed Tracie and Marty the opportunity to train apprentices in their studio. Their studio also hosts classes and offers space to visiting artists. In addition to competing in nationwide “flameoffs” (glass blowing competitions), Tracie helped organize The Dames of the Flame, a group of female glass blowers, which support charities. For Tracie, community is paramount and is honored to have “the opportunity to meeting and collaborate with so many talented artists.”

Check out Tracie's work below!

Sushi You Can Smoke
All different sets of Nigiri made by Lotus Starr; all plate metal work done by Warren Perdue.

Cherry Blossom
Collaboration between Marty Christiansen and Lotus Starr. Stand by Warren Perdue.

Knuckles for Nugs
Lotus Starr designed these accessories for nonviolent use only!

Lotus Pendant
This lotus pendant made by Lotus Starr took 2nd Place in the wearables category of the  2010 Female Flame Off.

Nigiri Brooch
This collaboration between Lotus Starr and Brickhouse Metals is another creation inspired by Japanese food

Queen Bee
This waterpipe is perfect for use in your personal hive. Collaboration by Lotus Starr, Marty Christiansen and HaHa Glass.

Sushi Setting
Each morsel of food is deliciously designed to be a pipe.

Unagi/Eel Nigiri
Grab your chopsticks! By Lotus Starr metal plate work by Warren Perdue.