Many glassblowers maintain that their art is second only to animation when it comes to exercising the boundaries of their imagination. In animation, anything is possible. In the medium of glass, only the laws of physics limit a glassblower's creativity.

Tammy Ball, who possesses imagination in surplus, found her calling at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She was on full scholarship, but was bored. What interested her was RIT's glassblowing studio. Now, 13 years removed from school, she says, "Glass means I get to do what I enjoy, to make things that people enjoy. It gives me an outlet to be creative and be a problem solver. Best of all, I don't have to work at a shitty job I hate."

As for her style, she calls it "silly." Got a family member that you'd like to memorialize in glass? Tammy can accommodate you. Is there a sports hero or movie star you'd like to make into a pipe? Ask Tammy. Sometimes she considers moving in a more serious direction. "I've been thinking of busting out stuff that's more artsy, if you will," she says. "But I make a lot of Heisenberg pipes [from Breaking Bad] and cartoons seem to sell the most."

Orders for her pipes continue to “pour in” to her Glens Falls, NY studio. But she says she works banker’s hours. “Things are good. I bought a house and have a nice car. But cigarettes, at ten bucks a pack in New York, are expensive. And herb isn’t cheap. What can I say?” she laughs. “It’s expensive being Tammy Ball!”

Check out Tammy's work below!

They say that "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." Tammy has made it possible to smoke the bush with the bird in your hand.

In this jungle tableau, you can toke from the long neck of a giraffe!

If you're a Dead fan, you'll be thrilled to toke up with Jerry Garcia as he frolics on a swing.

There are some stoners who love their vehicles so much that they've asked Tammy to create an homage to their special wheels, like this smokable VW bus.

Tom Forcade, the founder of HIGH TIMES magazine, was rendered immortal in this pipe.

Tammy can create virtually any kind of pipe using your favorite cartoon character. For a price, she can also make a family member, a friend, or a sweetheart into a pipe.