Nate Miers, aka “N8,”started blowing glass back in 2002 in Olympia. WA where, due to liberal local attitudes, demand for functional, handmade smokeware flourished. With a $1,200 loan from the local credit union, N8 doubled down on the notion that “money follows passion.”

He set up his first studio space in the corner of a drafty garage. A dozen years later, he's found a home in Colorado, working side by side with some of the most talented artists in the industry.

N8 is best known for intergalactic, space-themed pipes, wherein he creates the night sky in borosilicate glass for stoned viewers to gaze upon. Using dichroic swirls, flashy opals, colorful murrine and gold and silver fume, he creates intricate galaxies and nebulae in the glass.

Recently, he’s collaborated with artists of distinct, diverse styles — to which he attributes much of his recent rise in popularity — "That, and the fact that not too many people dislike outer space!" he confesses.

Currently working and residing in Evergreen, CO, N8 has been able to create stunning works of art for people of all tolerances to enjoy. "I can't wait to see what the future holds for the pipe and cannabis industries. Cannabis has become legal in two states — likely more in the near future. There should be a lot of hardworking, respected folks who once were afraid to collect pipes — due to their illegality—primed to start supporting dream-chasing, glass artists."

Check out N8's work below and at

N8 demonstrates his ability to make his work seem multi-dimensional. Photo by Bene Papantuono

Fractal images reflect and refract light in N8's work. Photo by Bene Papantuono

There's nothing better than entering whole new galaxy while puffing on a N8 pipe. Photo by Bene Papantuono

A N8 pipe will take you where no stoner has gone before. Photo by Nene Papantuono

This heavenly bud of Purple deserves to be smoked amid a constellation of heavenly bodies. Photo By Ryan Rehbock

Dive into N8's world of otherworldly waterpipes. Photo by Matt Barker

If "the truth is out there," you may find it in N8's outer spaces. Photo by Matt Barker