Her name is “Lisa’s Pieces. Both her father and grandfather were American Western sculptors who exhibited all over the country. “Art is in my blood,” she explains. She was trained at Shasta College in Northern California and, in 1998, began blowing glass steamrollers for Hoopin’ Hippy glass. In 2000, she founded Lisa's Pieces and took the name of her product line as her artist name.

The glass consists of sculpted steamrollers in 160 different varieties. (Visit lisaspieces.com). She cites the legendary Banjo, Hoobs and Mike Luna as tremendous influences in finding her style as an artist. She’s proud to be co-founder of the epic Las Vegas Flame-off, which features 52 glass artist competing at once in competition. Now based in Northern California, Lisa’s Pieces says she’s hitting her stride: “After nearly 16 years, I feel like I’m just getting started creatively. Glass is my life! I can't go three days without working!”

Above: Lisa's Pieces works on a green fairy. Check out more of Lisa’s Pieces' work below.

Lisa's Pieces signature steamrollers are hot, smokin' art pipes.

This set entails a deer dome with shotgun dabber and young buck roller.

Use one of Lisa's Pieces' giraffe dome for those long-necked dab hits!

This giraffe spoon pipe won 1st place at the 2007 Female Flameoff for Functional Sculpture.

This strawberry bubbler with attached jar and diffused downstem is an example of Lisa's Pieces' love of the natural world.

This Spiker dome will stare back at your stoned face!