Meet Adam Whobrey, aka Hoobs, (right) and Steve Hoppenfeld, aka Hops (left). Bona fide stars of the glass community, Hoobs & Hops maintain separate businesses, but collaborate on a regular basis. They revel in creating hot rod cars, rat fink-style figures and other conceptual sculptures out of glass.

Adam says glass art requires an “all in” mentality — dedication that far surpasses what’s necessary to perform a typical day job. It’s only been 10 years since he undertook the artist’s path, but he’s watched a new American art movement take root. As for his role in it, he says “There's no better feeling than pulling off that next-level piece for the first time.”

Steve, who began blowing glass 11 years ago in Vermont, grew tired of creating the same, old down-stem pipes. Still, he wasn't sure how to take things to the next level. Then, while attending a soccer game, he had his “light bulb moment.”

He saw a PVC pipe that had been fashioned into a communal water fountain. All the way down the pipe, holes allowed water to flow out the same rate. Hops realized he could do the same thing with smoke. He took a piece of glass tubing, popped it with holes down its length and sealed it sideways into another tube. Thus, the inline diffuser was born! The Jagito bubbler, created by Hops, is now the industry standard.

Late last year, Hoobs & Hops opened Cobra Kai Glass Studios in Southern California to further their partnership. And HIGH TIMES called upon them to create Snoop Lion’s Lifetime Achievement Award, an outlandishly ornate piece featuring horns and a glass chain. The world of functional glass art awaits more greatness from this dynamic duo.

“Tire Shredder”
A shark with a surfboard riding in a dune buggy is emblematic of Hoobs & Hops imaginative, fantastical collaborations. In fact, this was their first collaboration.

"End of the Beginning"
This apocalyptic piece by Hoobs features a pyramid, an alien, a Third Eye -- even hieroglyphics to help keep your focus on the otherworld. It was completed the day before the end of the Mayan Calendar.

"Gypsy Warrior"
This motorcycle (a flame-worked borosilicate glass creation) is a collaboration between Hops and Doshworld, last month's Glass Artist of the Month.

Snoop Lion's Lifetime Achievement Award
At the recent HIGH TIMES U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver, Snoop Lion was honored with the Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award. Hoobs & Hops created this wearable trophy featuring horns and a massive glass-link chain.

More sharks -- this time Jaws is on a skateboard, with a fishhook as an arm!

"Osiris Diamonds in the Mind"
Hoobs is responsible for this thoughtful piece, It represents creative expression through music and art. It also asks the deep question: "Do we come from beyond?"

"Ancient Technology Series"
Once again, Hoobs demonstrates his obsession with other dimensions with this alien companion to your smoking pleasure.

"Tire Chopper"
Hops collaborated on this motorcycle with Doc. The tires are sandblasted and free-spinning, ensuring that smoking this pipe is a smooth ride.

“El Diablo Hielo” (The Ice Devil)
Another far out vehicle courtesy of Hops and Hoobs, another top artist. It was produced with flame-worked borosilicate glass. The tires are sandblasted and rubber-coated, mounted with skateboard bearings.

Original Inline Ashcatcher
Hops was inspired to create this piece after observing a BVC pipe fashioned into a water fountain.