Born to hippie-artist parents in Marin County, CA, Dustin Revere was always encouraged to follow his creative passions. He dabbled in a few different mediums—jewelry, painting and photography—but in high school, began designing and fabricating bongs out of ceramics and plastics. The year was 1993 and Grateful Dead culture was in full force. When he began attending Dead shows, he saw his first glass pipe. “I was hooked,” he says. “I got a little torch and set it up on my parents back deck, and started making pipes. I was obsessed, I wanted to study and learn as much about glass techniques as I could.”

In 1998, he was accepted as a traditional apprentice to an Italian master glass blower named Gianni Tosso. In following years, he studied with four more Italian masters, and then studied under several American masters as well. By 2003, glass pipe culture was booming, but no school existed that taught pipe-making. Dustin figured, “Why not?” and opened the Revere Glass School in 2006 in Berkeley, CA 2006.

In his own work, Dustin specializes in one-of-a-kind pipes and murinnis (colored patterns or images). “Innovation, artistic expression, and education within the glass blowing communities,” Dustin says, “is truly my life’s work.”

Check out Dustin's work below!

The Revere Glass product line features the finest waterpipes and rigs in the industry.

Dustin designed pipes in the shape of drops.

A slab of concentrate adorns one of Dustin's exquisite rigs.

Dustin at work performing a crucible pull.

Dustin is a master at creating murrinis. This collection includes skulls, flowers, mushroom tableaus -- even a THC molecule!

This mini-tube features an array of murrinis.

If you're interested in the art of glassblowing,  check out Revere Glass School, one of the nation's finest.