The career of glass artist Carsten Carlile began with a broom in Eugene, OR. He’d taken several jobs to put himself through college, one of which was helping clean up in a local glass shop. He recalls “immediately being drawn to blowing glass.” 

He began working with a torch in September 1995. Within six months, he was hooked and realized that he’d found his calling. He left college – and his subsistence jobs – to pursue glassblowing full-time for himself. In the years to follow, he honed his skills, learning from top artists and then, even teaching along the way.

He cites nature and form as the strongest influences in his work. “I love bringing life to the torch,” Carsten says. “Skeletons, Volkswagens, characters and figurines have all been catalysts for my continued growth as an artist. For me, blowing glass is a lifestyle. It’s a daily practice in hard work, creativity, craftsmanship and self-discovery. I love this life, I love this medium and I will always be learning and pushing its limits.”

He now works from his shop in San Jose, CA. “No better place to call home,” Carsten says happily.

Check out Carsten's work below, all of which are functional pipes!

Tiki Rollers
Carsten created steamrollers with a tribal theme.

Skate or Die
Carsten has an obsession with skeletons. Here, one rests on a park bench before his next ride.

Snowboarding Bones
Another skeleton, accompanied by a delicate snowflake, hits the slopes.

Black-hearted Rig
We can't guarantee a pleasant, relaxing buzz with this piece. This eerie rig comes with a dabbing dish and tool.

Snowboarding Chump
Carsten again demonstrates his obsession with the bare bones of a snowboarder.

Alien Stoner
Maybe a righteous hit will soothe the bad attitude of the Alien.

Marijuana Monster
Try smoking on this pipe while in the grips of a figment of Carsten's imagination!

Bud Bug
That's "Bud Bug," not bedbug. Carsten loves VWs and created this perfect facsimile pipe on wheels.