Bryan Dosher spent his early years cultivating a wild imagination, drawing inspiration and his lust for life from the picturesque mountains and lakes of Northern Idaho. He says the planets aligned for him in 1997 when his alter ego – the glassblower known as “Doshworld” – was born.

In his early studies, Doshworld explored a collection of mediums – ceramics, steel sculpture, oil painting, life drawing, collage, print-making, and textiles – but glass is his passion.

He has worked in the flame with many other talented artists and produced outstanding time and space collaborations. He’s particularly proud of putting a new spin on an old-school technique – “the cut ‘n’ flip.” Doshworld has developed a breathtaking style of lampworking that utilizes pure gold and silver and an ancient “wrap and rake” technique. It produces a color-changing, inside-out glass pattern, encasing and capturing the energy of the moment. Every cut ‘n’ flip he creates is an absolute, one-of-a-kind piece. 

Doshworld thinks of himself as a “renaissance warrior” relying on his artistry to nurture his evolution as he explores the amazing gift of life. Take a peek at his world at

Wizard Rig
The Wizard Rig rests sturdily in a three-point stance, making it ideal for use in the field. It touches down on nearly any surface. The twin-wishbone downstem seals to the stern of the vessel, setting the flow of filtration in the deepest volume of the water reservoir. A three-hole disk perk has then been added to minimize water turbulence.

Grasshopper 2006 
Part one of Dosher’s favorite series. He created it upon returning from a weeklong camping trip in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana and Idaho. He says, “It can jump with some flight assistance, but fly it can not.”

Black ‘n' Red (2007)
A study in color, from a series of dry hammers Dosher created. It features inside-out stringer line tubing: Wig-Wagged.

Cut ‘n' Flip
Prep-work performed with experimental green. Dosher says, “Pipes, through the form of function, push an artist to open doors to numerous techniques. The “Cut ‘n' Flip” embodies a variety of skills that help him stay in tune with the articulation of glass in the flame.

Translucent, optical illusions; circles overlapping straight lines – shifting light, bending through layers of brilliant organic color. Glass captivates a world of light.

The Phoenix
Featured in Smoked Volume II, the Phoenix was constructed in the back of High Tide, a glass shop in Santa Barbara, CA. Dosher said the creation of the piece “signified a very prolific moment in my three-year Gypsy Renaissance travels.”

Glass Lesson
Pure silver and gold fuming surround an encased opal. Silver is able to produce majestic blues and purples that quickly fade into white, while gold hits a hotter yellow/pink hue. Together, with the right mixture of both gold and silver, you can create cascading layers of electric greens.

Wizard Rig 2
Glass has the capacity to capture the moment. For this piece, Dosher says, “I must precisely heat a large body of glass, let it set up to the perfect moment, allowing gravity and force to allow me to and bend it into the wishbone shape. You only have one go at it; it’s a one-shot maneuver.”

Wizard Dish
The Wizard Dish begins with scalloped tubing. The arches and peaks of the glass spread the light out in absolutely splendid directions. 

Wizard Dabberz (to enhance your spell-casting abilities)
The lifted points spell “concentrate” in order to avoid sticking to unwanted surfaces. Wizard Dabberz are stabilized on a three-point tripod, so they won’t roll off the table!