Alexis Bryer began blowing glass at end of 2007, just a few months after the birth of her daughter. However, in less than three years, she found herself supporting herself and her daughter solely off her glass art — her daughter’s father passed away. She started Mama’s Glass, a name coined by her daughter who accompanied Alexis as she made her pipe deliveries: “This is my mama’s glass!” The name stuck.

The glass community, her “family,” has been hugely inspirational for and she gives special praise to Christina Cody and Tammy Ball, “who have always been there through out my career to encourage me,” she says. She’s entered a number of glass art competitions and placed several times. She took second place in the Battle Bot Demolition Derby competition at the recent CHAMPS flame-off. Best known for working with dichro (glass with layers of oxides or metals), Alexis specializes in flowers and "girly glass.” To that end, in February, she started a "High Fashion" line consisting of wearable waterpipes that attach to fashionable clothing.

“Glassblowing,” Alexis says, “has given me the freedom to set my own schedule and spend as much time as possible with my daughter. She’s been the biggest motivation to never give up in this industry. Without my daughter, dogs, friends and family, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Check out Alexis' work below!

Alexis won second place at CHAMPS in the Battle Bot Demolition Derby competition. Yes, you can smoke it!

Alexis and Reyna collaborated on Hawaiian-themed smokeware.

We all remember the Candyland Game. Here's a grown-up version that Alexis created in glass!

A four-way collaboration produced this exquisite pipe with multiple accessories.

HIGH TIMES models Corrin and Dinelle look terrific in "High Fashion" pipes by Alexis.

Alexis and glassblowing legend Bob Snodgrass are all smiles at a recent industry competition.