In business, you have to go where the green is, which is exactly what one savvy little Girl Scout did this week in San Francisco, setting up a cookie stand to market her organization’s borderline-addictive treats, in front of a local marijuana dispensary.

On Monday, 13-year-old Danielle Lei set up shop in front of The Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary and began slinging boxes of Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, and a pleathora of other varieties, likely faster than any another Girl Scout has ever sold cookies in her life: she reportedly sold an impressive 117 boxes in two hours.

Danielle’s mother, Carol told Mashable that selling cookies outside the marijuana dispensary is highly successful, stating that her daughter managed to sell 40 boxes more than she did at the Safeway grocery store the following day. She also said that by allowing her daughter to conduct business in front of the dispensary, it was a great way to engage her in a conversation about drugs.

"You put it in terms that they may understand," Carol told Mashable. "I'm not condoning it, I'm not saying go out in the streets and take marijuana… It also adds a little bit of cool factor. I can be a cool parent for a little bit."

Of course, a photograph of young Danielle selling cookies outside the dispensary was posted to Twitter and subsequently went viral, garnering a wealth of support from followers for being the smartest Girl Scout in America. However, the image also sounded the alarm of conservatives, begging the question of whether it was morally appropriate to have children spending time near pot shops. But as a representative for the Girl Scouts of America recently told the Huffington Post, locations for cookie sales are strictly up to the parents.

Interestingly, the Girl Scouts of Colorado say they do not support these types of sales tactics, recently taking to the social media to delivery their stance. “If you are wondering, we don't allow our Girl Scouts to sell cookies in front of marijuana shops or liquor stores/bars,” wrote the organization in a recent Twitter post.

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