Transplanted the five best-looking Sweet Tooth seedlings into larger containers this week. Also transplanted the five NL#9 clones into larger containers. Gave several away as I couldn’t use them and didn’t want to see them go to waste. All the transplants appear to be in excellent shape. Planted 5 NL#9 seedlings today as well.

Been watching the five Sweet Tooth’s I moved into the flowering chamber last week for signs of sex. Found 3 confirmed females today and transplanted them. Pulled out one male and killed him. The last one looks like it will be female, but I couldn’t be sure so I’m leaving it for another few days. The 3 oldest Sweet Tooth clones in the chamber are looking worse everyday. They should have another two weeks before harvest, but I don’t think they’ll make it. I need the room anyway so I’ll probably harvest early and get what I can.
Ganji saves himself a lot of trouble by waiting to transplant until he confirms sex. No sense wasting soil and containers until you’re sure the plant will need them to finish. Getting rid of the sick plants and making room for the rest is also a good idea. The extra week won’t make that much difference to those plants at this point, but the extra room will surely benefit the rest. --MAX

The two middle NL#9 clones are doing better everyday and are filling out nicely. The Sweet Tooth is burning up like her sisters and probably won’t make it. So it seems that it was the Sweet Tooth clones that were the problem and not the new soil mix. They’re the only plants that are burning up.

Ganji’s problems with the Sweet Tooth clones are almost behind him now and things seem to be turning around in the Temple. He’s confirmed that the problems were not caused by the new soil mix or any other variable in the garden, and can now move forward using seeds instead of cuttings. Perhaps he’ll try again with the NL#9 as its cuttings seemed to do fine when they finally took root. --MAX

Finally got the last harvest dry. Took nearly two weeks but the buds smoke smooth and sweet. It was small, only around a quarter pound total, but the buds are still potent.

Humidity is a major factor in how long it takes to dry herb. Apparently, the humidity in the basement has gotten too high to get the job done. Ganji solved the problem by moving the drying racks into the attic, where the humidity is lower and it worked well. He’ll have to be careful though. The key to proper drying is moderation. The conditions should allow the herb to dry evenly in 10 to 14 days. --MAX