Things seem to be turning around, at least in the vegetating chamber. The 5 clones are doing well and have really started growing and branching. Transplanted three more NL#9 clones that finally seemed to be rooting. Found small tap roots in each cup during the transplant. They appear to be taking well to the transplant. All that’s left in the tubs now are Sweet Tooth seedlings which are all growing fast and will need to be transplanted soon.
Ganji seems to be getting things back is order in the temple. It’ll take some time before he’s up to full production potential, but he’s moving in the right direction. --MAX

Moved the five previous Sweet Tooth transplants into the flowering room this week. Flushed each one real good before moving them in as a precaution against the possible soil mix problem that only seems to show up after flowering starts. There’s now 11 plants in three different stages of flowering in the chamber. The oldest three are all Sweet Tooth clones that are in terrible shape. The leaves are browned and damaged on much of each plant and the buds are small but dense and still full of resin.

The middle three plants are two NL#9 clones and a Sweet Tooth clone. The NL’s are doing okay, but there’s some minor leaf curl on one. The Sweet Tooth is just messed up. She’s starting to burn up like her older sisters but still making buds.

There doesn’t appear to be anything that Ganji can do to prevent or treat the symptoms exhibited by the Sweet Tooth clones, so he’ll have to ride it out for a while and salvage what he can. With things in the vegetating chamber turning around and Ganji starting again from seed, it shouldn’t take long to get the whole temple up to full production again. --MAX

The last harvest still isn’t dry. It’s been extremely wet the last few weeks. Humidity is very high in the basement. Only running the humidifier off and on. Moved the drying screen up into the attic where conditions are warmer and a little drier. Seems to be doing the trick. The buds should be dry in a couple days.

Basements can be damp during certain times of the year, which can prolong drying. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless it takes too long which could lead to fungus and mold developing on the moist foliage. Moving the drying screen into the attic to finish the drying process is a great idea. Generally, attics are dryer which should speed things along. --MAX