Not only is medical marijuana an amazing medicine in and of itself, its ability to battle the side effects of other drugs is becoming increasingly known. As reported by NORML, in a study conducted at West Virginia University and published earlier this month in the online European Journal of Pharmacology, researchers reported even low doses of THC provided protection against gastrointestinal complications triggered by widely used analgesics like ibuprofen. 

Gastric issues caused by such non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are responsible for thousands of fatalities and over 100,000 hospitalizations annually because they inhibit enzymes that produce chemicals to shield the stomach lining. Following testing on lab mice, scientists suggested that THC substantially diminishes gastric hemorrhages and lesions such as extremely painful peptic ulcers. Researchers also noted the pain-relieving effects of pot enable patients to take a lower dose of ibuprofen, meaning medicinal cannabis is doubly beneficial to maintaining healthy gastrointestinal tracts.