Ganja gangsters in the United Kingdom are using advanced surveillance technology to swoop in on illegal marijuana farms and initiate a hostile takeover of the crop.

The Independent reported last week that illegal cannabis farmers have become the target of high-tech hooligans, who have been flying in sophisticated drones, armed with heat-seeking cameras used to track down hydroponic lights, and using their intel to steal from the competition. Of course, this clever shakedown tactic has been effective for the acquisition departments of these aggressive organizations, especially since the illegal grow operations being exploited cannot run to the police. 

“They are fair game,” said a 33-year-old cannabis thief during a recent interview with Halesowen News. “It is not like I'm using my drone to see if people have nice televisions. I am just after drugs to steal and sell, if you break the law then you enter me and my drone's world.”

The anonymous hoodlum continued by saying that his strong-arm strategy is a safe and easy way to take control of the average grower. “Half the time we don’t even need to use violence to get the crop. Growing cannabis has gone mainstream and the people growing it are not gangsters, especially in places like Halesowen, Cradley Heath and Oldbury.”

Local authorities are not shocked that drone technology has become a powerful tool for criminal organizations. “It is no surprise enterprising criminals would want to get the upper hand in the criminal underworld by using drones,” said Tom Watson, MP for West Bromwich and chairman of a local drone committee. “As a society we will be dealing with the impact of drones on our laws and regulations for years to come…And it is time the Government started listening about privacy concerns about the misuse of drones.”

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